Thursday, 2 October 2008

Have You Emailed Me Today?

I've received three emails today which have this blog title in the subject-line, and each one has been flagged as suspicious by my anti-virus. None of them were from people I know.

If you have tried to contact me by email today then I'd be grateful if you'd have another try, and this time make sure that there's text in your message, you don't include any attachments, and you make sure that your computer is virus-free. You could also post here, just to let me know to expect something.



Sally Zigmond said...

How many people have you upset recently? Someone is trying to get you.

Jane Smith said...

Oh, you know me, Sally: just the usual half-dozen a day. I like to keep my hand in.

R.R.Jones said...

Hello Jane, nice to meet you.:-)
Thanks for your post on my Blog, (The Division of the Damned, you know, the guy who thought he'd made it and woke up to a bowl of mouldy cornflakes?)
Well, you'd never believe it but even though I wasn't happy with the whole set up, and the very vague answers I received from the publishers, I was still tempted to go ahead and do it.
The way to being published through the tried and tested means seems so unimaginably daunting to someone who hasn't a foot in the door that even that, as a short term ego fix, seemed quite attractive.
Sad that really, isn't it?
Well, your post boosted my moral and backbone to say, "Get thee behind me Satan..."
So, that's it really, I just wanted to say thanks.
Reg :-)

Jane Smith said...

Reg, you're welcome. And I'm glad to see you here. Have a look at my other blog, too--you might find it interesting.