Thursday, 2 October 2008

Am I Still Here?

Yesterday I heard back from the Post Office about the P O Box number that I've applied for to use for this blog.

They wrote to tell me that my address isn't listed on their database and so, according to them, my house doesn't really exist. The irony of their writing to tell me this seemed to escape them.

I have now spoken with my local Council which has confirmed that my house really is where I thought it was. The Council has promised to tell the Post Office. And after that, I should get my P O Box number.

Until then, keep your fingers crossed.


DOT said...

Oh the endless unintentional wit of those in bureaucracy. You must be very relieved to have confirmed that you live where you live.

Sally Zigmond said...

The same thing happened to us before we moved to where we are now. We weren't on Royal Mail's database either which meant that we didn't exist for them or for those companies that also rely on Royal Mail's database.

When you point out that mail has been delivered by the local postman for decades, they shake their poor little heads and wonder how that could be when 'computer says no.'