Saturday, 25 September 2010

I'm Still Here!

Apologies for my silence over the last month or so: I'm just a little bit busy with other projects but I will be back here in the near future, reviewing the stack of books I have by my side. There are a couple of treasures in that stack, I'm pleased to say. I'm still happy to receive submissions for review, and am blogging pretty much as usual on How Publishing Really Works.


Alice Turing said...

Yay! I have to confess to having developed a slightly-unhealthy interest in your site... although if you pay any attention to visitor stats you may already know that.

I will now go back to waiting patiently. I'm already in awe of your ability to find time for this, given all the other things you do.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the check in. I was genuinely concerned about you.


Lexi said...

Sorry to contact you this way, Jane, but I emailed you about sending my novel for review a week ago, and I'm wondering if it ended up in Junk Mail.

If you're just too snowed under to have replied, forgive me for badgering you.