Monday, 22 February 2010

Oh, Look: A Retweet Button On The Self-Publishing Review!

I've added "tweet this" buttons to my reviews here, and a separate one over at the side of the blog which will allow people to tweet links to the whole blog, rather than to specific posts here.

I've had "tweet this" buttons on my main blog for some time now, but resisted adding them here as I'm well aware that many of the writers I feature here find my reviews rather difficult to cope with: I didn't want them feeling that I was turning them into some sort of freak-show. However, many people (including some of the writers who have been subject to my reviews) have encouraged me to add the buttons here and so, after much careful thought, that's what I've done.

They might not be a permanent feature. I'm going to monitor how they're used for a while and, if I feel that retweets are being used to humiliate or poke fun at the writers who have been brave enough to submit to me, then I'll take them off. I welcome your comments about this either here or on Twitter where I have the user-name "hprw" (for some reason Blogger won't let me put the "at" sign in front of that, but if you click the link you should find me) and I hope that this turns out to be a positive thing.


Art Edwards said...

Works for me!



Jane Smith said...

I thought you might like it, Art. Can't imagine why. Ha!