Thursday, 30 April 2009

Congratulations To Rosalie Warren!

I was more than a little pleased when Rosalie Warren, the author of Charity's Child, emailed me to thank me for the review I’d written here about her book. It was clear that she had thought about my comments, understood them, and had gone on to apply them to the rest of her book. I had no doubt that her writing would improve as a result of her positive attitude and I wasn't surprised when I subsequently learned that she has a novel called Low Tide, Lunan Bay being published today by a good mainstream publisher, Robert Hale. I shall buy myself a copy with a great big smile on my face. The best of luck with Low Tide, Rosalie: and thanks for being such a good sport.


Leslie said...

This is an amazingly generous thing you do (no, I am not a self-pub author trying to butter you up!). It takes time and effort, that's for sure.



The Deepening said...

Thanks for finding a good one amongst the many, many bad. Bravo. You're doing better than I...except I don't review what I find deplorable, simply because I'm too embarrassed to admit I actually considered reading the work. :D ...But, then, I don't find many of today's offerings by the major publishers to be very good. (Let's not even discuss Dan Brown, argh.)